We no longer do much of this do to COPD limitations, but it's still a great way to go see different areas.

So what is this 'geocaching' thing anyway?

Simply put, geocaching is treasure hunting for the 21st century. Armed with a GPS receiver, a set of coordinates that tell you the location of a cache, and a healthy sense of adventure, players go out and look for caches of goodies hidden by other geocachers. If one of the goodies in the cache strikes your fancy, you can take it--provided you leave another goodie in its place.

In addition to the goodies, caches nearly always contain a log book of some sort so that you can record your thoughts and scribble a note for future cache visitors.

At we are Road-Trekin and have found 4 cache's -- 1 in Florida and 3 in Iowa.

Equipment needed:

   Handheld GPS receiver. Preferably one that can be linked to a PC for uploading information. Our choice was a Magellan eXplorist 600

Magellan eXplorist 600 (980771-06) Magellan eXplorist 600
Includes One Year Manufacturer's Warranty

  • GPS Outdoor Navigation System
  • TrueFix® GPS Technology
    (For Accurate & Reliable GPS Navigation)
  • 2.3" Color Display
  • 3-Axis Electronic Compass
  • 4 Navigation Screens
  • 8MB of Internal Memory
  • Store Unlimited Track Log Files
    (Using Optional SD Card)
  • Area / Perimeter Calculation
  • Built-In Mapping
  • Built-In Barometer / Thermometer / Altimeter
  • MapSend® Compatible with Detailed Street Maps & Topography Charts
  • Geocache Manager
  • Water Resistant & Rubber Armored
  • Up To 17 Hours of Continuous Use
  • USB Data Port
  • SD Memory Card Slot
  • Color: Black

   In order to be paperless we use an older (2000) HP Palm PC to keep notes and use as an eBook reader for information about the cache's. This could be a Palm Pilot or any other hand held device.

   In addition gloves, a walking stick (to poke around with) some small articles to trade and a pouch, small back pack to carry it all.

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