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For Sale
2005 with 120,000 miles runs good, generator needs work , paint bad.  All appliances working. New Frig, Digital TV.
Ask $18,000.00 you pick up Central Florida. if intrested email:
trekin@digital digs.net


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Night Table 210P
Ham Antenna Mount
Cooling Fans
Air Conditioning


  Welcome to Dan & Javoni's RoadTrekin' Site

  This site is dedicated to sharing our RV travels, Photos, Ham Radio, Video, Geocaching and other activities     that will focus around our 2005 RoadTrek 210 Popular RV and our personal interests while traveling.

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Below are pictures from various locations from our trips:

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States Visited (All 48) !!

Travel Map as of  Aug-2014

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Future Plans

Completed Trip Map 2013


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