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Ham Radio Station - RoadTrek 210 -- Nov 2005


Ham Call: KC4GO

3/18/2019: Still have same radios, Still using SGC237 with Hustler on solid shaft. I no longer do APRS with the Kenwood.  Street Atlas last version was 2014. We are now using Google for map infomation. Check in to RV Serivce 7.191 07:00 to 09:00 EST most days.


10/2009: The SGC 303 whip has broken -- Put a Hustler 40 meter set on. Can tune and operate 80, 40 and 20. Loads all bands, but no contacts made.

Oct 2008 Upgraded the Delorme Street Atlas 2006 to 2009 version with new LT-40 GPS

9/20/2006 Replaced the SGC SG-230 with the SGC SG237 antenna tuner it reduced the size and added 6 meter capability. I'm still  using the SGC SG-303 whip. Also added the SGC Smartune box that allows me to lock tuning for working splits and to reset it and force a retune.  Interesting side effect of tuner change is that I don't cause problems with the air conditioning when on 20 meters.

5/8/2006 Upgraded the Delorme Street Atlas 2005 to 2006 version

3/30/2006 -- Still need to add a 6 meter antenna to complete the package of 160 meters to 70 cm, I thinking about change the SGC antenna tuner to the new 237 that will allow my SGC antenna to tune to 6 meters with out the need to add an additional antenna to the RV.

2/20/2006 -- Added a Kenwood TH-F6 Tri-band HT with General coverage receiver. Works GREAT!!

1/11/2006-- I'm still working on the station in the RV -- Added HAM RADIO DELUXE to the software on the onboard computer system - It does rig control, contact mapping, logbook & PSK31 & 64 in on GREAT package and the best part it's FREE. This program also supports remote operations using VOIP so we will replace the Kenwood software with this program. Web Site for Ham Radio Deluxe take a look. Also added MFJ-1275 sound card interface to the connections.

     Fixed the SGC-230 Tuner and now back to Auto Tune with the SGC-303 Whip. Can't tune 6 meters so will need to add an antenna for 6 meters if we decide to work that band.

     RFI issues --- 20 meters gets into the air condition/heating systems and causes unusual happenings. Have some ferrite filters and will attempt to fine the offending line.

12/26/2005 -- Added pictures of new Installation. The Control heads are mounted to an upright that swivels and can change position as is the computer. (Wife drives I talk - going to work on her to get a license) I hope to finish the loading of AIRMAIL-2000 and get the AEA PK232MBX connected and checked out.  I'm still using the High Sierra - Sidekick antenna. Works OK but still miss my SGC-230 and auto tune. I have made the Kenwood Software Remote Control the TS-480SAT but have not attempted a QSO over it yet. I need to switch the audio from inside (speaker and mike) to connections to the PC looking for a switch don't like plugging and un-plugging wires and cables.  I may leave that to next year. 

Serial Connections to run it all !!!  As many of you may know most new lap top computers have NO SERIAL connections.  All this Ham Radio equipment requires Serial Connections they haven't moved to the USB world yet :). The lap top I'm using is not exception and the solution is currently a bit of a mess. I have one Digi card that supplies 2 ports 1 and 2 then I have 2 USB to Serial that come out as 3 and 5. This leaves me with a mass of wires plug-ins and a bit unhappy about the installation. I have found a 4 serial port USB device at www.usbgear.com that may serve our needs. I intend on replacing my mess with one of these ASAP... (will keep you posted)

4-Port USB DB-9 Serial Adapter Solution for Windows 98/ME/2000 and XP
Features : The USB Serial Adapter provides instant connectivity with modems, ISDN TAs, PDS, handheld & pocket PCs, digital cameras, POS, serial printers, etc. It is suitable for remote access, retail and indust...
Part No. 23210129 | View Details

12/22/2005 -- TS-480SAT is fully functional and have connected the computer control program ARCP-480 and have also loaded the remote (network control) program  ARHP-10  this has been tested via wireless  from the RV to the living room and works great for control. I have not attempted to transmit or pass receive audio at this point, but this will be part of my ongoing efforts to use the computer to control the HF rig in the RV.

12/16/2005 -- The TS-50s has been replaced by a Kenwood TS-480SAT. I also found that my old AEA PK232MBX had the correct software to do PACTOR-I which will allow us to run the AIRMAIL-2000 program for E-mail.  I also found the that the RF Deck for the TS-480SAT slide into the clamp mount I had for the TS-50s. Activities are underway for the mounting of the TS-480SAT and TM-D700A control heads with new pictures to follow. The AEA-232 will most likely be mounted behind the drivers seat. 

12/15/2005 UPDATE: The SGC Folks tell me that my SGC-230 is to old and the will not be able to repair it (the new SGC-230 is a completely different Circuit Board) . I went through it and found that the 7805 regulator was bad and replaced it. This is the only fault I could find. I replaced the fuse and it now powers up. I'll test with in the week. I guess after 20 years of use I'm OK with this. I am considering the purchase of the SGS-237 as it covers 6 Metes and the SGC-230 doesn't.

11/15/2005 Currently my interests are HF Mobile using a Kenwood TS-480SAT (SGC-230 Tuner and SGC-303 whip (tuner has failed) and is being sent to SGC for repair and upgrades don't understand only had it for about 20 years and about 12 of those on a sail boat). The current HF antenna is  a High Sierra SideKick this antenna works great but miss the auto tune. (I'll add Photos of the new antenna soon) The mobile mount and wiring were constructed to allow this change out and the SideKick is carried as a backup to the SGC equipment.  APRS using a Kenwood TM-D700A, Garmin GPS-18PC DLX, Diamond SG7500NMO & Comet RS-730 Mount.

Computer Averatec 3280 with 12" display. This unit is used for APRS using APRSPoint and Microsoft's MapPoint 2004 and navigation using Delorme Street Atlas 2005 and Delorme GPS (USB). This unit has no serial connections so to interface with the TM-D700A I use a Socket D-I/O (Dual Serial port PCMCIA) card.



Dan --- KC4GO

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